2 Part Series with Reed Marketing- Mastering the In-Home Sale

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Mastering the In-Home Sale- June 16, 10am CST

In today’s world, the in-home sale is a model that every retailer needs to adopt—right away! Customer’s are apprehensive about going out and about to shop so the businesses who go to their customer are going to win. Building a model of in-home sales will transform the productivity of your business and help your team sell more than ever.


This course will teach you:

  • Why In-Home Sales are the key to growing your business in the future
  • How to avoid the “5 Deadly Sins” that derail an in-home sales model
  • The seven simple steps to build your in-home sales model on

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About our presenter:
Tim Reed is the President of Reed Marketing LLC where he helps business leaders in the hearth industry win by simplifying their sales process. Starting as an installer and eventually moving into sales and leadership, Tim grew his company’s retail division by millions while raising up team members to take his place in the business. Tim has been invited all over North America to teach companies how to market effectively and make it easy for customers to buy from them. His YouTube videos, sales blog, and “Fire Time Podcast” have become a resource for the industry and are actively helping thousands of people rethink their paradigms so that they can grow their businesses in the changing landscape.
Tim learned “just enough to be dangerous” about sales, marketing, web development, and leadership from years of playing guitar in a failing punk band—which he swears has uniquely qualified him for his job today. Now considered one of the most innovative minds and compelling communicators in the industry, Tim uses his platform to serve others, helping them create clear messages that are wildly compelling to their audiences.
Tim lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Jessica, two children, Olivia and Luke, and his 90 pound Golden Retriever, Walter. He still plays guitar in a failing punk band.
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