With the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act this summer, the U.S. has enacted a new biomass stove tax credit. We’ve shared information about that with you already.

However, through the end of this year, the previous tax credit is still in effect. With information around about both tax credits, we wanted to make it a little easier for your to communicate with your customers.

We’ve created the attached flyer with the consumer in mind. It outlines at a high level the basics of the CURRENT 2021-2022 tax credit (stay tuned for another flyer about the new tax credit next week).

This flyer is designed to be printed out and shared with your customers. We would suggest that you work with you local printer to make sure that it is printed in the best way to show off this information. The flyer has a front and a back.

You can mail it out, distribute at your store, or hand it out to people passing by. While it is designed to be printed, you can also distribute it electronically if you need to do so.

We hope that this flyer will make it a little easier for you to share the value of these tax credits with people who are hoping to upgrade their home!