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Oklahoma Licensing2021-01-21T17:39:27-08:00
On October 1, 2020 dealers and installers that service or install Fueled Hearth Product Works in Oklahoma can apply for a Fueled Hearth Products Work license instead of the full HVAC license.


If someone already has a mechanical license with the state, do they need to apply for another through this program?2020-10-01T12:51:06-07:00

No, if their mechanical license has the HE-U or HE-I (Heating) category on it.

What documentation can be provided from the Oklahoma Secretary of State showing business operations for the last five (5) years?2020-10-01T12:51:58-07:00

You can provide a print screen copy of the Business Entity page showing the date of formation of five (5) years or more by going to the Secretary of State website https://www.sos.ok.gov/ under Business Entities and typing in the business name at “Business Entities Search All” then clicking on the Filing Number hyperlink to a page that shows the “Formation Date,” or copies of filings you have made the last five (5) years.

Where is the link to the application on website?2020-10-01T12:52:28-07:00

The application form is on the CIB website on the Mechanical Page at https://cib.ok.gov/mechanical or directly at https://cib.ok.gov/fueled-hearth-product-work. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please feel free to email Gary Kirk at [email protected].

What documentation can be provided showing business operations in a letter stating the applicant has been performing these services for a minimum of five (5) years?2020-10-01T12:52:59-07:00

A letter (stating the specific professional service has been provided to the hearth product installation business of the Contractor applicant for a period of at least five (5) years) from a professional service provider used by your business including those who: prepare taxes, payroll, financial statements, provide legal services, banking, risk management or other professional services provided to your business.

Regarding satisfactory proof of filing state business taxes for the last five (5) years showing business operations, what would they like to see?2020-10-01T12:53:31-07:00

A letter from your tax preparer stating you have filed business taxes for the last five (5) years, or other documentation showing hearth business operation taxes were filed. The name of the business, or person if sole proprietor, and the tax identification number (social security number if a sole proprietor) is important. The CIB is not interested in seeing the amount of tax or tax calculations. Copies of correspondence or forms from the Tax Commission showing refunds, etc. may also be considered.

What is documentation of business operations for the last five (5) years such as bidding, estimating, quoting, contract/project management?2020-10-01T12:54:08-07:00

This documentation could include copies of bids, estimates, quotes, contracts/project management, statements of work, invoices, receipts, payables, and other documentation all reflecting the business entity and hearth product work – at least one (1) for each of the five (5) years. Actual pricing on these documents can be redacted.

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